Dairy Farm Colony
Our Goal : $8,000
$7,640 donated so far
43 Donors
Campaign has ended

We are currently working on a colony of 44 adult cats plus around 30 kittens, this colony started on a dairy farm after two cats arrived as mousers but were not desexed. In December we were called out to an urgent assist across the street from the dairy farm, although at the time we didn’t know where the cats originated from, it was later we found out the cats were travelling over from across the road (dairy farm) to the residences down a private drive. We have got to work straight away with this colony.

So far we have taken in most of the young kittens, sadly some were very sick and one had to be euthanised recently. One kitten is very sick right now (Emily) and is going to need ongoing medical care.

The tally so far. We have saved:

  • 23 kittens
  • 11 adolescents and adults, tested, ear-tipped, and desexed.
  • 2 (1 cat,1 kitten ) sadly had to be euthanised as unwell, not recoverable.

This time in another 3 weeks (by 20th May) we will have desexed another 11 based on appointments booked. Still more to go.

Forgotten Felines is a registered Charitable Trust and receipts can be provided on request.

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