The Courageous Kitten and her family.
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We would like to share a story with you.

Recently one of our volunteers was contacted on Facebook, to come out and scan a cat for a microchip. It was near to the volunteer’s home, and we are always happy to get the opportunity to possibly reunite a cat with its owner. Upon arriving we had a chat with the finder, who had seen this cat hanging around their home for about 2 weeks. We were told by people in the area this was a known dumping site for animals (dead-end road, in a rural area). This lovely cat just showed up one day. Sadly no chip was found. Upon checking her over we determined she was lactating, meaning she either had kittens recently or was pregnant.

We chatted with the finder, and he was going to do a paper collar on the cat in hopes she would go back to her home (if she had one). After a few days, she was still around their property 24/7. We made a plan to take her in and advised the possibility of her having kittens around, after several hours of looking, neither the finder nor our volunteers could locate any kittens. We took this sweet girl back with us and hoped that if she had kittens that would still be found quickly. Momcats can be very good at hiding their kittens. We were not sure if kittens had already been born, but if so they were not that old, maybe 2 weeks old. We feared hawks, cold nights, and other dangers.

It turns out, the kittens were already born and had spent two days alone already. The Mom cat had made a really good nest for them, very hidden and out of view from people. One of the Kittens took all her courage to find help and left the nest. She wandered around and crossed a fence back into the property of the finders looking for the mom or humans. The finders were still looking around and found it!

They called us and we rushed to collect the kitten. We rushed back to our rescue room to give warm up the kitten, and re-unite her with mom. Thanks to the courageous girl-kitten, the area where the nest was had become more clear and the volunteers continued the search. The mom has very happy to be reunited with her kitten but appeared very unsettled with only the one.

5 minutes after the kitten was back with his mom, we got the call we hoped for – “We found 5 more kittens”. The family is now back together, warm and well-fed. Our foster team has been supplementing feed time with kitten formula to help mom along. She is very thin herself and needs a bit of help caring for all six of her babies.

Thanks to our Volunteers and the one kitten they all are now safe. It will take some time before they are ready to find forever homes. In the meantime the Mom can not do it alone, so we help by bottle-feeding the kittens with a special formula, and so on.

They will need care for at least 2-3 months longer, before they can get be vaccinated, de-sexed, and find a final home.

When you want to continue to hear about the courageous Kitten and his Family, please help us by donating to our campaign and follow this page or the story on Facebook – we will give updates on a regular basis, how the Family is doing.

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