Bindi and her medical adventures
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We mentioned beautiful Bindi the other day and that we are spending lots of time at vets with her.

The poor girl was a sweet smoochy cat pre-Spey. Approx 10 days post-Spey she became increasingly grumpy to downright aggressive. This indicated a medical issue to us. So far the long list of tests has not shown anything up. However, it is clear this is NOT behavioural as she remains sweet with her foster family. She loves head boogies and chin rubs but if they get too close to belly – big growls. She will walk away rather than be aggressive to them.

After consultation with a specialist, everyone agrees most likely a medical issue, despite all proper care given. Could be nerve entrapment, neuroma, adhesions, or something else. She struggles with going to the toilet to poo. Hurts to push so also becomes constipated.

CatMed Specialist, vets and we agree she needs an open exploratory laparotomy.

This is major surgery. Our poor girl is going through so much. We are at a loss. It all happened so fast, and she needed to be rushed into surgery today (25/02)

The cost just for the surgery will be between $800 and. $1200. Plus all the testing, Xrays, and medication.

We have set up this specific campaign page for her. Please have her in your thoughts. She is the sweetest cat and we can only hope the cause of her pain is found in this surgery.


Her uterine stump had become stuck firmly to her bowel. A case of the body's natural healing process gone awry post-surgery. This is hopefully now been resolved and she can recover from her Spey and this huge exploratory laparotomy surgery.

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