Brothers Miso and Oscar seek home together

They are eligible for our Foster-to-adopt program. Contact us for more information,

Brothers Miso and Oscar were rescued as strays north of Paraparaumu in April 2023 and lovingly nursed back to health by fosters, Nadine & Mary. They came under F3’s care in October 2023 in the hope that being in a more central region they will have a better chance to find their furever homes.

Due to being rescued later in life (at around 5 months old ) their socialisation progress has been much slower than that of a kitten… They take time to adjust to new people and environments and would do best in quiet homes with gentle and patient hoomans that can read and respect their cues.

Through the hard work of their care givers: Nadine & Mary and current fosters, Sarah & Dion, they are settling into domestic life. Oscar in particular is doing really well with Miso not far behind. At this time we are looking to find a furever home for Oscar and Miso (to stay together), so that fosters can devote more time to bringing their siblingsout of their shells…


Oscar has really blossomed. From being absolutely terrified on arrival to now the most confident in the environment – he seeks out pats often from his fosters, sleeps in open areas and approaches hooman visitors with encouragement and treats. He can be over simulated at times of which he returns gentle love bites. He likes to be involved and watch the strange habits of his hooman caretakers – often sits on the bench watching dinner prep (very curious about corn husks and parsley) or the water running during wash up. He is a vertical scratcher so a kitty scratch pole is recommended. His favourite toy is a long thin rope and ping pong ball that he likes to chase. He loves pats so much he gets a little jelly when they going to the others. He loves treats too which makes worm/flea treatment a breeze. He is currently getting used to being brushed and sharing human attention lol

Miso is the warden of the group – always investigating and ensuring the perimeter is safe, talking away and checking in on the others. He is the first to sniff out anything new or spot an unsupecting insect. He is intelligent and observant, and not so interested in the comforts hoomans offer or treats – he loves the hunt and prefers prey sequence play. He watches the birds outside and chatters, and stalks them from window to window. He also enjoys frequent but brief drive-by pats, occassionally slows long enough for an under/side chin scratch. Still getting used to hoomans approaching him for pats. He really gets stuck into his cardboard scratch pad, and likes to chew on cardboard boxes. He cannot resist any toy that happens to move under paper or cloth.

Oscar and Miso are both young (approx. 14 months) and very active cats, they run around the house and love to play with both humans and each other. However they are not yet comfortable being picked up and while they will sit and sleep near you, only time will tell if they one day become lap cats.

They are good with their litter boxes. Both enjoy wet and dry food.

Fosters feel that the ideal home for Oscar and Miso would be away from busy roads, so Miso could eventually stretch his legs outdoors during the day, and Oscar be apart of whatever interest his hoomans share with him

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