Mr Darcy and Freckles seek quiet forever home

They are eligible for our Foster-to-adopt program. Contact us for more information,

Mr Darcy is the gentle giant of the group. He is the biggest, eats the fastest and has the cutest squeaky meow. He is highly food motivated, and really comes out of his shell during kitty meal prep – gazing up lovingly at his hooman carer, head-bumping their legs, and occassionally jumps onto the bench to help himself. With treats he is getting better at being patient and waiting his turn, though he is an absolute fiend when it comes to fish.

In between meal times Darcy prefers to do his own thing. While he joins the others in play, he isn’t as high energy and tends to prefer watching the world go by and solving puzzles.

He is quite curious about house plants and tends to lick them to death to the dismay of his foster mum. He is still building trust with his fosters and improving a little everyday, more often sleeping on the bed during the day or just chilling in the lounge at night with the hoomans. He is a handsome boy with medium length black fur and stunning teal eyes.

“Aunty” Freckles is a short hair calico bobtail. She is the smallest of the group with the biggest attitude lol She is quite cheeky and taps the ankles of her nephews and fosters as they walk past. She often instigates play, but with Oscar and Miso she sometimes gets more than she bargained for, wheras Darcy is more relaxed with her.

Freckles prefers dry food, and will really tell you off if you take too long getting her meals ready. She adores all kinds of treats, and will eat way too many if you let her. She is especially cute when she is excited, with her power pounce moves out of tunnels and rollie pollie play techniques. She also enjoys a good chatter at the birds through the window.

Darcy is approx. 16 months (estimated date of birth November 2022). Freckles (and her young kittens) were hanging out with the three brothers and their mum (also bobtail) pre trapping and has since been known as their “Aunty”. She is approximately 12 to 18 months older.

They are both good with their litter boxes. Darcy enjoys wet and dry food, whereas Freckles prefers mostly dry.  

Fosters feel that the ideal home for Darcy and Freckles would be a quiet home with calm and gentle hoomans that can read and respect their cues for contact.

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