What have we been up to?

Our volunteers have been busy with lots of ongoing projects starting up again and calls for help regarding stray cats

.Recently we had two FIV cats come into our care on the same week. One (named Amohia) who was severely emaciated, with a raging Upper Respiratory infection, fleas, and lots of missing hair. Sadly he was entire and no microchip. No one ever claimed him, so after a few days at the vet, he came back to us and went into our isolation area. He improved a lot, but still has an ongoing Upper Respiratory infection that we are trying to get on top of with treatment.

We also had another gorgeous black boy come into our care, Harley. Sadly entire and also FIV positive. A long time stray from Levin, handed into us by a lovely lady who did her best to find his home. We got him de-sexed, but he fell very ill a few weeks after coming into our care. The vet suspected toxoplasmosis that was affecting his central nervous system. Sadly despite treatment, he only perked up for a while. But quickly went downhill, so we set him free over the rainbow bridge today.

We have several colony projects we are working on, a large one in Otaki, a few in Levin, and one in Paraparaumu. Shortly our volunteers will be hitting the pavements with traps in hand to get cats caught for de-sexing and kittens caught for socialising.

The message is clear, you can stop the overpopulation, FIV, FELV, and Heartbreak all of our rescuers face, by just doing one simple thing. Get your pet De Sexed. If you need assistance with desexing your cat, please reach out to rescues, we are always happy to help or can point you in the right direction.

Pictured is sweet boy Amohia, who is still currently in our care.