Kapiti Landing
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We are working to get the tamable cats into our adoption program and also getting the younger kittens into foster care and socialising them for adoption.

The cats that can not be socialised will be de-sexed and returned to the location, where they will be fed and cared for by volunteers.

This strategy is called Trap-Neuer-Reuturn (TNR). TNR Programs have a wide range of benefits .It helps to maintain the size of the Cat Colony and keeps them healthy. As well de-sexed cats are less aggressive and will not roam large areas. If all the cats were trapped and removed or killed, it would create a vacuum effect , and  after a very short time the situation would be like before or worse. Cat Colonies that are maintained utilising TNR will help to keep the Feral Cat Population under control and the Cats in the Colony will prevent other stray and community Cats from moving into the area. Long-Term TNR Programs help the Community as well, by preventing the spread of diseases to Pets and keeping Costs for SPCA and animal control down. Many regions that use TNR Programs have after three years in average of  50% fewer cats that need to be trapped or held in Shelters which lowers the costs for everyone.

We need your help in order to prevent future litters from being born and to provide these cats with the necessary medical care.

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